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Painted like an unknown saint

Cihuapilli Faith
I am a Mexican Goth/Deathrocker/alternative lving in London. After a coupel of years of rubbish jobs I finally got back to my area and got my dream job and now I am a Support Worker in Forensic Mental Health. I also volunteer as a befriender for Age Concern with older people with Dementia. Also I teach Spanish occassionally, freelancing.

Have lived in Catalunya, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, apart from Mexico and England, Of course. I am very proud of my indigenous roots and hope to speak Nahuatl one day. I am happily married to a beautuful Catalan werewolf and have a gorgeous cat called Cari, a snake called Nagini, and two teddy bears we love and a few more fluffies.

“Nature stampt me in the Die of Indifference. I consider myself as destined never to be happy, although in some instances fortunate. I am an isolated Being on the Earth, without a Tie to attach me to Life” Byron

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