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WHITBYYY! [Oct. 27th, 2009|06:19 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
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Who else is on this train??

After that:

SOPHIE CHARITY SHOW at the Spa 8 pm --

etc/ easy/meeting with friends etc

Lil Angel
No clue:)

80'S Night @ Laughtons

Kinder egg Party @ Little Angel

Any other ideas or want to meet up?

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welcome to the benefit world [Oct. 27th, 2009|05:08 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
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This week has consisted mainly of sleep and playing with kittens. I rang in sick yesterday cos I was very anxious and just couldn't face work. I have been like taht for a while. Last THursday I cried in the bathroom at work which is so not good especially working with people with mental health issues. I was feeling really hypocritical yesterday .. how can I 'support' people when I am in bits and can't look after myself at the moment? So I went to the GP cos I was very tearful and didn't feel right...and got signed off for two weeks. I feel quite guilty being signed off sick but I am quite relieved cos I am drained and  I have to be honest and I really can't cope just now,

I thought I was going to get holiday money from my agency and was entitled to stautory sick pay but as it happens I am not so I am fucked... I did what I have never wanted to: I signed on. My claim for Employment & Support Allowance (aka incapacity benefit) has been accepted but now it's being sent to the processing centre and I have no idea how long it'll take. Seemingly I might be able and entitled to othere benefits like Housing & Council Tax benefits. Hope so,... I do feel bad but as some people have wisely said, it is my taxes I have paid getting back to me... better me,who is genuinely unwell & needs a break before ending up in hospital or fuck one of my service users up, than a stick-wearing bugger that has been enjoying my taxes for x # of years...

ION. Getting to Whitby on Thursday at 3... with no money but hey!:)

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PARTY REVIEW [Oct. 12th, 2009|11:12 am]
Cihuapilli Faith
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Got a message from Shaggy on Facebook asking for my postcode because he is on is way! YAY Unexpected and very welcome! Operation ‘let’s clean this messy flat in 1 hour’ starts. We kick arse! Though, as Emma & Michelle can testify, we forgot our bedroom whch is the mankiest place ever. 3 hours later Shaggy finally arrives ranting about driving in London hehe. We have dinner, a few drinks (me still in detox) and go to bed ‘early’.




Happy birthday to me! My boss goes to teh Tate with our service users and comes back with a wee pin forme and gives it to me very quietly and secretly muttering something about  there being a ‘no bday celebration/presseies’ policy but he got me the pin cos he thought I’d like it’ can’t show it off though:) Nice!!

So yeah, Andreu and I have to work in the morning to leave Shaggy sleeping in the flat. He later went and did interesting stuff while we were working like donkeys, etc. I came home to take a nap when I hear these men in my garden. The landlord’s second in command with a man from EDF saying something about my electrics being faulty. I let them in (complaining that they never call me before they open the gate) and I am told that seemingly we were this close to having a fire because the fuses or what not. They say they’ll ring/come back in a couple of hours to fix it which they never do. In the meantime my washing and drying machines have to be turned off half way through my laundry... mmm stinky clothes later.

Andreu comes home and we nap. Shaggy comes back. Octalbunny texts to say he is on his way too. AND HE AND Flower of evil arrive within 20 mins of each other. Celebrations are officially on the way!  Quick chat, changing clothes,e ct and a taxi to DEPARTURE. Lots of nice folk wishing me a Happy day and making me drunk... What can you do! J Even the manager of the Elixir bar gives me a free shot of Tequila at arrival after moaning that I am always late! ! GEE, no pleasing some people!!! ;)

Closing time and fortunately the idea of going to Electric dreams is dismissed and we go home. After 30 mins of ‘who’s sleeping where’? it’s sleepy time.




My poor Andreu has to wake up at 7 to go to work. Then the most bizarre event of the year happens. I get up at 10ish, ok?  Shaggy is comatose, Emma nearly and Steve is sort of alive. I take a shower. When I am in my bath robe deciding what to wear/ trying to find my clothes on the floor without waking people up, I hear odd male voices. I come out running of my bedroom and see the landlord and two EDF men talking to Steve! I am like ‘what???’ My ‘can I not get a call/I am half naked/my friends are sleeping’ s” are ignored and the men say they need to fix my electricity. I agree but ask to wait. Wake Shaggy up and show the men where the crap cupboard is. My landlord in the meantime realises we have cats and doesn’t like it. Shit! Then I go to Iceland to buy coke & irn bru for the lot. I come back to a note from the landlord, which was given to Steve as though he lived there, saying we have breached our contract by keeping cats. Buggerish!! Your dear Faith, of course, gets all anxious and pictures herself in the streets with our bags, 5 cats and a snake. I ring my estate agent in panic and ask him to come to talk to the landlord with me to which he thankfully agrees. We get there at 2 and the first thing the landlord does when he opens the door is give me a hug. WTF!!! I show him the note and ask what it means and he tears it out. I am like ‘you weirdo!’ Everyone is laughing at me for me for being so anxious. The guy who delivered the note apologises. Then I ask if we can stay and keep the cats, landlord says ‘I need to ask you for a favour’ I am like, ok here we go, cats!’  He says “ I need you to play music really loud everyday so the neighbour upstairs goes. Kick him out” I am like ‘WHAT?? First I am evicted now I have to do your dirty work and we can keep the kittens and all is honky dory’ FFS! HHEEHHEHE Then he goes to a flat next door (he owns all Cally Rd.) and comes back with two bottles of wine he produces in his own vineyard in Cyprus and gives them to me as a birthday present saying he might come to my party and everyone wishes me a Happy Birthday. ODDBALLS! I thought I was bonkers!!!! Everyone who’s heard this story is confused so I am not trying to make sense of it but I am happy he is mad as a hat cos we are not homeless AND we can keep the family as it is in the cool flat we have!!!! J

OK. So Steve has to go do family stuff and Shaggy kind of wakes up properly and we and Emma rush to Soho to get to Andreu’s restaurant on time to eat , cos they close the place for two hours between shifts, which we don’t so we go to a cool Japanese one she knows and then we come back to pick Andreu up and after having to wait for someone who at the end decides she is not coming after all cos she is allergic to cats but who buys us all a drink, we go home to get the party started.


What can I say about the party? Well, it was BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!  All the people I truly am loved by and love back were there, except those too pregnant, too ill,  too busy DJing, or too  outside of  London who couldn’t make it but I send you all hugs:) . Even the staff from the Elixir Bar came along after 2 with balloons and tequila! :)  I broke my sobriety pledge and drank for the weeks I didn’t :) 


Faith kissing  a pretty lady friend:)

My husband snogging a cute girl.

Jaffa cakes

Mexican Birthday song and Happy birthdays for moi and CJ whose bday was yesterday.

Kittens being the kings and queens of the party. I swear they were acting. THEY ARE NOT THAT quet and well behaved, lil buggers!


X friend ( you can own up sweety, don’t want to embarrass you lol ) having a skull shaped lollipop: “it’s smiling at me. It only smiles when you suck..er... ok’ HAHAHAHA

Thank you all for being there and reminding me how many good friends I have and how silly I am when I feel depressed and not ring.




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yes? [Oct. 6th, 2009|12:13 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
[Madness Within |anxiousanxious]

Last month I applied for a trainee social worker job in Haringey Council. I rang today and they said they sent the letters to the shortlisted candidates on Friday. HAVE I NOT got one cos i was unsuccessful OR cos of the F***ng postal strike? ? :(

I AM really anxious:(


The party is this Saturday!!!! 10 PM!

NO PRESENTS OR CARDS PLEASE!!!!! We will collect for S.O.P.H.I.E
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how to cope... [Oct. 2nd, 2009|10:18 am]
Cihuapilli Faith
[Madness Within |depresseddepressed]

17 working days to WHITBY...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR harold_chasen !!!

Today I have to take my service users to an exhibition and I feel like shite...
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quickie [Sep. 16th, 2009|02:52 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith

The weekend was fantastic. I went to be at 7 thrice. It is really bad, I know. Departure on Friday was great, lots of squares but well behaved ones so it's ok. It means money for the pub and good for the DJ's.. Slimes was good too, I danced a lot more than usual despite already feeling ill.

Second day in the new temp job and still ok, getting there:)

 I weighed myself at the insistance of a woman who runs a helthy eating programme. I almost shat bricks! 8.10 STOME/51 KILOS with BOOTS ON! Not even funny! I'm dying!:p Worse thing is taht I am still rather ill and I can't eat properly... can't hold it:( 

Cari, the cat, (nice change of subject) is being very gracious about her situation. She cannot see the kittens so she's sleeping in our room. I think she secretly enjoys it:)

I am going to get off this bloody thing and finish an application form due on Friday. I have had no energy, capacity or ideas so this is going to be hard...

I know my life is full of exitement..It actually is but I am knackered and I am just posting this as a service to the community HAHHAHAHAH ..seriously.. I know not everyone has facebook so... I love LJ too...my first bloggyy thingyy here:) 


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an image says more than 1000 words... [Sep. 13th, 2009|05:46 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
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I so need to write an update!! So much has happened!! Change of job, again-always, kittens, trips to Cambridge and  Belgium, partying hard, lots to tell...

Can I do that later and show you the pix? Thanks:) 

cambridge 01/08/09

Haldir likes DM's :)

Even queens are feeling the recession

Nita knows about football. Barca meow!

Wolfgar pretending he is all sweet

Itzli, aka the Goth one, reacts to sunlight

Brugges, for our 3rd wedding anniversary. 06/09/09

Mr 'I am being promoted at work again' Chef hard at work so rhey win the 'best iberian restaurant in london/top 10 eateries' awards again:) 

give me your vodka, or feel the wrath! ;) Slimes, yesterday/this morning

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Granparenthood and (bye) liberte... [Jul. 15th, 2009|11:36 am]
Cihuapilli Faith
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On France's day...

Cari Allegra gave birth to four gorgeous kittens yesterday at 6 am, in the one wardrobe that belongs to the landlord (of all our own furniture she had to pick his). The little furry bundles of joy are fine, eat lots, and are absolutely beautiful, like the Queen. She is doing great and is such a good mum!! We are so proud and happy!!!

Last night saw us have a very pleasant surprise visit by Shaggy, who, after some arm twisting, has agreed to adopt one of our babies and make a Northener of him/her.

It has been an extremely evenful and happy, if slihtly stressful and tiring, week. Moving, kittens, visits, work issues...  We need a holiday, we do. ...and a proffessional cat sitter IF....

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King's Cross [Jul. 8th, 2009|01:07 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
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We are officially King's Cross residents. Garden flat in Central London. We are really chuffed and proud:) Not doing that bad now.

We expect the kittens to pop out any minute.

I have so much work! :)
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Quickie [Jun. 29th, 2009|12:55 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
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Oh the adventures I have had this few weeks... well. work and exhaustion... I have a GP appointment today to see why I am so shattered all the time... I have a faint idea of what it is.

WE ARE MOVING NEAR CALLY RD. STATION on the 10th of July!!! It's a big flat witha gorgeous (well, rather neglected) garden the cat will adore and that shouts " BBQ!! "

My office is starting to look like  a home:) ( I love saying 'my office') ;)

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