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Cihuapilli Faith

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5 questions meme [Nov. 19th, 2009|04:33 pm]
Cihuapilli Faith
[Madness Within |calmcalm]

Questions asked by the lovely & pretty robot_mel . If you want to play, comment and I'll come up with five life changing questions for you (like choc mouse or choc cake? ;) 0 Seriously, play:)

1- Favourite book?
Lord Byron's biography by Benita Eisler. Poetry aside there is the simple fact that Byron is one of my heroes and his life to me is an insporation for having rebeled against the conventions of the opressive 19th century upper class society. In addition to that, and perhaps most importantly, there is the fact that he suffered from bipolar disorder nd reading about what he went through is to me better than any other therapy. It makes me feel normal in a way. At least understood if that makes any sense. Shame I wasn't gifted with the genius bits too;)

2- Thing you miss most about Mexico?
My father first and foremost. He is the greatest man ever, and I truly feel abd he is there alone an dI am here. I hope to brng him over one day.
I miss the scenery, the traditions and the amazing food, too. Everytime I watch a show about beautiful Mexico I cry... then I remember the Mexicans, the corruption, the racism, and I am happy I only miss the good stuff no one else likes.

3- What made you decide you wanted to move to England?
The Cure & Lord Byron. No kidding. When I was 14 I decided I was moving to London for some reason. I had always wanted to study English and loved the stereotypical English life amd politeness (shame the chavs have made sure taht is gone) ... Then whe I first came across The Cure & Byron I decided I'd live or vist where they had been born cos it'd surely be an amazing land to have given birth to them and so many other inspiring people like Shakespeare & Shelley....I am gla dypou asked that today cos it made me feel accomplished hehe ;)

4- Best job you've ever had? (Not in terms of money of course but the one you enjoyed the most)
Support Worker in a supported housing project for people with Mental Health issues for the Archdiocese of Glasgow 5-4 years ago. I loved the team, my boss was absolutely fabulous, very supportive and didn't think staff were there to take all the shite but would put us first knowing we needed to be okay to help the tenants. I lved the people, and the fact it was hands on and just really cool..I have always regreted havig been forced to quit ( immigration shit)

5- If you went back to university what would you want to study?
I have been worndering that myself but there is one thing I have always wanted to study and Ithink I really should now I have time: HISTORY. I love it. Tried to do some courses years ago but I got ill and quit or I found the Open Uni wasn't for me... I just might do it thi stime around, in a proper class in Uni. I love History.


[User Picture]From: tawdryfilth
2009-11-20 05:32 pm (UTC)
Go on then, I'm bored and restless ;o)

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[User Picture]From: fleurdumal
2009-11-21 11:29 am (UTC)
Seconded! And the influence of The Cure on the population of the UK is not insignificant ;-)
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[User Picture]From: robot_mel
2009-11-22 10:39 am (UTC)
Lovely answers! (Just had time to sit and read properly) Byron and the Cure sound like two of the best things about England. I will definitely have to look for that biography of Byron. I do really like him too.
Mexico sounds so beautiful, such a shame about people's attitudes. I guess everywhere suffers from that. There are glorious things and then there are the stupid prejudiced people who try to ruin it, as you well know, here we call them chavs!
History has always been my favourite subject. When we meet up for coffee I'll try to remember to bring my copy of the Broken Spears for you to borrow.

Anything you'd like to ask me back?
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