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Cihuapilli Faith

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please repost if you can [Nov. 5th, 2009|09:15 am]
Cihuapilli Faith
[Madness Within |depresseddepressed]

To the person that found BERITH,

I am appealing to you and want to let you know how much that little bear means to us.He has no monetary value but is priceless to us. It isn't just a teddy but a very important part of our little bizarre family composed by cats & teddy bears.

Berith is one of the few constant sources of confort and tenderness we have and, as a person who tends to be ill a lot & is cronically depressed , I personally am finding it really hard to cope without him, especially as I have had quite a difficult year so far. He goes everywhere with us, clubs, pubs, outings, holidays...

I just beg you to send him back. Contact or send him to the Whitby Gazette. We offer a wee £50 reward,and no questions asked, too. Please send him back home. We miss him terribly. Thanks!

Faith & Andreu