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FIND BERITH. TEDDY BEAR MISSING. PLEASE HELP. - NOCALLI [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cihuapilli Faith
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As some of you may know, Sunday after the 80'S night we went to the Resolution and werre having a great time until I realised Berith, one of our beloved little teddy beras had ben shamelessly stolen from us. He & Charlotte & Franky (new addition to the flock) had been partying and dancing on a wee table by the pool table and when we went to pick them up BERITH was gone.

The staff says they saw the bears actually on the snooker table which means the 3 local men who were playing pool had moved them & put all but Berith back where they had been all night. ANDREU now remembers a GIRL WITH KNEE HIGH SOCKS & PINK BOOTS/SHOES WITH A TOO FULL WHITE BAG leving the scene.

I trust you know how important the little ones are for us. Berith is very loved and has been with us in many adventures, has his own myspace page & sleeps with us all the time.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you see him or taht woman, let us know. We want to put a reward even. It is very important. I hope you all understand.

This is not a joke. We miss him terribly. He adopted us on the 14th of February 2007, the day I got my UK residence & we all went to celebrate at Mestizo & then the Devonshire Arms in Camden. He has been everywhere with us as some of you may have noticed. I am not joking. We are devastated.

Please help us find him:(

BERITH enjoying the sun in Egypt

Playing around

With Charlotte in the Dev

With mummy & uncle Shaggy in Leeds


[User Picture]From: robot_mel
2009-11-04 12:52 pm (UTC)
Oh no!!! That's awfull. I remember her from the day we met you. I really hope she turns up. Someone's got to have seen her. Hope the rest of your whitby was better!
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